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Information on Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolls can be prepared in numerous different varieties,but the most popular ones are still the veggie and the tuna sushi rolls. It canget rather difficult to maintain a steady balance between a healthy diet andenjoying eating without caring much. There are people who pick theirrestaurants and different types of food by the amount of calories contained inthe specific types of food those restaurants serve. Those people usually prefercertain types of low calories foods but it sometimes very hard to resistcertain types of fattening foods even though they contain a lot more calories.It is a good idea to eat sushi when eating out because it is a healthy choicewith a low amount of calories.

Sushi Roll Calories

The amount of calories contained in each different varietydepends on the different types of ingredients. There are quite a few differentvarieties of basic sushi rolls. Each avocado roll contains around 140 calories.One eel and avocado roll contains 372 calories. Each California roll containsapproximately 255 calories.

Each tuna roll contains 184 calories. One servingof cucumber roll has around 136 calories. Each salmon and avocado roll contains304 calories, while each serving of spicy tuna roll has approximately 290calories. Every serving of shrimp tempura roll has around 508 calories. There arealso numerous different types of whole foods sushi rolls. They are usuallyserved in servings of 100 grams. Each serving of all salmon nigiri combo rollcontains 196 calories. Every serving of tuna avocado roll contains 179calories.

A single serving of avocado cucumber roll contains 158 calories.Every summer breeze roll contains 159 calories. A blazing chili soy rollcontains approximately 172 calories. A serving of spicy tuna cucumber rollcontains 176 calories. A serving of brown rice avocado cucumber roll contains165 calories. A spicy shrimp tempura roll contains 193 calories. Each brownrice California roll contains 177 calories. A shrimp California roll contains177 calories. Each serving of brown rice salmon avocado roll has around 197calories. A salmon and tuna nirigi roll contains approximately 178 calories.

Each brown rice shrimp California roll contains 185 calories, while everysalmon avocado roll has 190 calories. A serving of brown rice spicy shrimptempura roll contains 199 calories. A rainbow roll contains 186 calories. Abrown rice spicy tuna avocado roll contains 189 calories. Every multi-grainspicy shrimp tempura roll contains 207 calories. Every brown rice tuna avocadoroll contains 165 calories. A multi-grain salmon avocado roll contains 205calories.

Each California roll contains 171 calories, while its multi-graincounterpart contains 189 calories. A serving of chef’s assorted nigiri contains167 calories while a serving of multi-grain avocado cucumber roll contains 173calories. Each crabmeat California roll contains 170 calories, while everyedamame roll contains 150 calories. Every serving of double salmon rollcontains 188 calories.

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