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Information on Tilapia

There are quite a lot of people who enjoy having tilapia butmost of them are not aware of tilapia’s moderately high content of calories.The number of calories may also depend on the way tilapia is cooked. Tilapia isvery popular in the United States and it also gains popularity in the Europebecause more and more people use it as a substitute for white fish. Tilapia isvery tasty and provides the human body with numerous precious nutrients. It canbe grilled, baked or broiled.

Nutritional Value and Calories of Tilapia Fish

Nowadays people are more and more interested and consciousabout nutritional facts of different types of food and to a certain extent thatcan be said for tilapia fish as well. Tilapia and catfish are the most consumedfish in the United States. Tilapia is very good for one’s healthy because it isan important source of certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids,phosphorus, omega-6 fatty acids, potassium, protein, selenium, vitamins, andcarbohydrates.

The cooking method greatly influences the number of caloriestilapia fish contains. The amount of served fish also has an impact on thenumber of ingested calories. Proteins contribute more calories than the fatcontent does. One ounce of tilapia prepared in dry heat contains 36 calories, and7 of those are contributed by total amount of fats. One serving of broiledtilapia contains approximately 337 calories but that is due to the fact thatthe serving also contains other ingredients such as arugula, capers, lemonjuice and cherry tomatoes.

When tilapia fish is baked, the number of caloriesper serving is usually somewhere around 156. Fats contribute 39 percent, proteinscontribute 55 percent and carbohydrates contribute 6 percent of all calories.Grilled tilapia provides the human body with moderate amounts of calories asone fillet of grilled tilapia contains around 80 calories.

The proteinscontribute 68 percent while the fat content contributes 27 percent of the totalcalories. The fried tilapia contains an extremely high amount of calories,especially when it gets compared to cooked or grilled tilapia. One serving of friedtilapia provides the body with 282 calories, and half of that amount iscontributed by the fat content. 4 ounces of tilapia fillets contain about 93calories and 9 calories are contributed by total fats.

Tilapia tacos usuallycontain somewhere around 457 calories per serving. Grilled and dry heat cookingare definitely the best ways to go.

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