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It is obvious that there are numerous diets available today and most of those have a different level of efficacy. That level depends on the person's physical characteristics and it also depends on obeying the rules of a diet. There are diets with very strict rules that are not easy to follow, but that can create really impressive results in a short time. Those are fast diets, which do not last longer than about two weeks. This is due to the fact that these diets might be a bit risky regarding health status.

Fast diets

The basic principle behind fast diets is intake of very small amount of calories. With this, fat burning process will start quickly and that will start reducing those extra pounds. The problem is that the fat burning process is very intensive and it might create certain medical issues, because glucose is the only nutrient that certain organs and blood cells can use for nutrition. That is why it is not recommended for these diets to last longer. Another problem might occur when a fast diet is over. If it is not followed with a healthy, controlled eating, those lost pounds might return easily.


Atkins, cabbage diet, lemon juice diet, these are all examples of fast diets that could be used. Lemon detox diet is interesting because it is used for both detox process and weight reduction process. Lemon detox diet recipe includes lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, of course. Cleansing tea should be also added as another meal that is usually taken in the evening for faster colon flushing out. Ingredients in this lemon detox diet recipe do have enough vitamins, which are essential for each diet, but the value of calories is very low. When detox part is added, it is obvious that this is a very effective diet that can be used for losing a lot of extra weight. It has been used by several celebrities and that is how it became very popular lately. Aspect of health in this diet is questionable, but the effectiveness is really impressive. Used wisely, with following healthy eating, this diet can be a proper way towards lean figure and attractive body. This diet is not supposed to be combined with physical activity. Simply put, very small amount of calories is barely enough for performing standard daily activities, so there is simply not enough for some intensive exercising.

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