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Atkins diet became very popular in the 90s and the beginningof 2000s. The main idea of this diet was to eat food rich in fat and avoid everypotential source of carbohydrates. Patients are expected to avoid: bread, rice,pasta, potatoes, and also crisps, biscuits, cakes and chocolate. At the verybeginning of their diet, people are to avoid milk, fruits and some of thevegetables. General idea is to cut the carbs from your menu and provide othersources of energy for your body, such as fats. Cutting on carbohydrates shouldalso reduce or at least decrease your cravings, ensuring additional help in weightloss. Atkins diet advocates claim that metabolizing fat burns more calories andcauses faster and better results in losing some extra weight.

Because of the radicalism of this diet, many doctors andnutritionist were quite worried for the welfare of their patients. Although peoplehave reported very good short term results, long term dieting seems to bringsome unpleasant and unwanted side effects.


Constipation is also very present in Atkins dieters. Since thefood rich in fibers is not supposed to be used (beans, legumes, fruits,vegetables) or should be avoided completely (wholegrain cereals, pasta, brown riceetc.) – patients might have real problems with their bowel movements.

Atkins Diet and Ketosis

Ketones are normally produced in the body while it metabolizesfat. Because Atkins diet provides more than usual amount of fat, patients onthis diet experience the state known as ketosis (increased amount of ketones intheir body). This condition is known to cause chronic tiredness, weakness,nausea and sleeping problems. People having ketosis can be recognized for thesmell of their breath, also called halitosis.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Unbalanced dieting may cause nutritional deficiencies thatcan’t be solved by multivitamins, and might cause people to experience some healthproblems later in their life. Food rich in fat is known to cause increased riskof coronary artery disease and there is also a greater risk of osteoporosis andvarious bones issues, kidney and eye problems and also increased chances todevelop some cancers at some point of life.

Additional Problems with Atkins Diet

People following Atkins diet are also found less successful tostick to it for a long time. It has been proven the same for any of extremelyrestricting diets – people are not likely to manage these diets for long. Vegetarianshave plenty of issues with this diet, because the vast of the dishes used in Atkinsmenu is meat, and some other sources of proteins are not recommended.

Additionally, many nutritionists say that Atkins diet doesn’tgive good example to people, and doesn’t teach people about the healthy nutrition,but rather glorifies quick and unsafe fixes for weight loss.

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