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It is obvious that obesity is something that will not be defeated easily and anytime soon. This is because the biggest problem for the reducing weight lies in our minds. Bad eating habits are the toughest thing to beat, and just removing the bad habits would be enough for the weight reduction. Of course, that will take some time, but nothing else is needed. For faster results, something else is required.

Fat burning process

Fat burning process in the organism can be started in two ways, by exercising and with the use of diets. Exercising is increased physical activity that has several benefits for the organism. We should mention fat reduction, increased muscle strength, stronger immune system, more energy etc. Even though this is a natural way of losing weight, many people (mostly women) are not that eager to start with some physical activity and therefore, they move to the next option, which is dieting.


Rules of dieting are simple, eat less than your body needs and you will lose some weight. It sounds simple and it is simple, since most of the time, all you have to do is reduce the amount of food taken with each meal. Even when knowing all this, reducing weight with dieting is not that simple. There are people who cannot pull through one day of dieting, some succeed for several days, and there are those who finish the diet but the pounds return quickly because people tend to return to old, bad eating habits. Even though the dieting might not be the best possible method, it belongs to the drastic weight loss methods and is used by millions of people on the planet each day.

Fad diets are those that are used for a drastic weight loss and their principles are based on a doctrine that enduring a rigorous diet for a couple of days, a week or two, will get the best possible results. And to a certain level, they are correct. The problem is that fad diets involve a lot of changes in eating habits and many people impatiently wait for a diet to be over, in order to return to those old and nasty habits. The example of fad diet would be Atkins diet, a diet that was very popular couple of years ago, but it is also gaining popularity recently. Atkins diet says that for the weight reduction, the amount of calories that come from carbohydrates should be at minimum, while the protein intake should be drastically increased.

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