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One of the biggest problems that plump women have is the one of a pear-like body shape, which is caused by the accumulation of fat to the thighs. But, of course, this is not the only problematic area, that is, every woman suffers because some part of her body is especially susceptible to fats.

The only thing that can help is a carefully balanced plan of losing weight, which consists of a diet and a workout. The diet should be rich in lean proteins, integral bread, fruits and veggies should be eaten. The workout should last more than half an hour. Sadly, there aren’t the exercises that focus only to the thighs. But there are certain helpful activities, such as jogging, riding a bicycle, running on a treadmill, swimming, etc.

Jumping the rope is one of the most effective exercises. To be more exact, all the aerobic exercises are very helpful, but one must not forget to breathe properly. Also, squats are very popular in the battle against the fat thighs, especially the ones with the legs positioned one in front the other. That is, the first position is a big step forward.

The exercise called the lying leg curl should be also included in the plan of attacking the thighs fat, so as all kinds of the exercises which include the raising of legs. The simplest one can be done on the floor and includes lifting the legs, while the back is attached to the floor. As all the previously mentioned exercises, this one also should be done in the series of about ten raising. After that, one should take a short rest. But, after some time, it is good to upgrade this exercise in order to get the best effect. And that means keeping the legs a little bit above the floor, but as low as possible, and that way, the belly muscles will work too.

Besides those activities, it is good to have a plan of slimming down the thighs area.

First of all, enough proteins and fibers should be added. This is the common rule for all the diets that are combined with workouts.

There are also some useful advices for cutting down the fat from the thighs successfully. The most important advice is not to exaggerate or force the body beyond its limits. It can lead to some injuries, especially when the pain is felt. Also, one should be most careful when lifting weights.

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