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There are many individuals who feel lonely most of the time. These people spend time alone, waiting for someone to show any possible kind of affection towards them, all in vain. To them, the world seems to have no problems ignoring them, with their friends either forgetting to invite them or having no free time for them. Thus, these people spend hours and hours yearning for socializing, all in vain. Even though this might seem strange to many, there is a vast number of such loners feeling miserable and empty this very second.

The Lonely Reality

You might have troubles finding logical reasons for this phenomenon. After all, we have all the technology necessary for communicating with each other, inviting each other and managing to go out and socialize.

However, our society has evolved. This evolution has removed many ways of socializing and forming relationships. For example, a hundred years ago we had enormous families with numerous members and relatives living close to each other, keeping their lives intertwined. People worked together on farms and were resting together afterwards.

Nowadays, the situation is quite different. We no longer stay in the same community for the rest of our lives, finding friends who will stand beside us for the rest of our days. Today we seek money and profit, leaving everything for the sake of monetary existence, moving to big cities full of opportunities, detaching ourselves from numerous lives we have lead before.

The Triggers of Loneliness

These acts of seclusion for the sake of advancement make us alone repeatedly. Eventually, this loneliness gets to us and strikes us.

Moreover, we spend our leisure time staring at screens instead of talking to each others. Before the internet and modern media, people talked to each other excessively, sharing their past experiences and interesting facts from life, creating bonds of personal affection and reliance. They would dance and sing, play music and have fun, needing nothing more than their own loved ones.

Now, we have neglected our communicating skills and focused on developing our computer skills instead. Finally, even when we are done with all our social obligations and work, we often do not have the strength or the courage to leave our home, meet our friends in order to spend time together.

Loneliness without Loneliness

So, basically, we are not alone and we can always make new friends. Yet, we lack the skills necessary to do this due to our modern lives. Therefore, stop feeling sorry for yourself or seeking reasons to feed your loneliness and misery. Go out, meet new people and have fun. There is no better way of learning how to socialize than socializing itself.

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