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What a Wonderful World

Often burdened by our socialobligations and all the hardships at work, we spend our entire livesin a hectic rush, not knowing where we are going but fearing everynext second of our lives. We have become greedy, envious and vain,seeking personal profit wherever we can find it, regardless of theprice. Well, we should wake up and smell the planet, since we areobviously doing little to enjoy life. What is more, we have no ideawhat life is. It is certainly not the monster we have created out ofit, deforming living into torturing and stepping over each otherthrough daily social battles.

Therefore, fellow human, leave all yourworries behind and turn to life and nature. Have you realized howbeautiful the world around you is? Every spring, for example, bringsnumerous, joyful images. The birds are singing, younger ones learningto fly with the help of their parents who nested upon the mostbeautiful blossoming tree. The wind delivers all enchantingfragrances which make us proud to be a part of this harmony calledthe world. All in all, there is more to life than humans. Actually,we have no idea what life is. So, spend time with nature, resting ona bench in a park. Close your eyes and let the sun caress your face,keeping your warm and providing desired serenity you thought was longgone. Let yourself be enchanted, for the first time in your life.

The Enchanted Self

Every person needs to awake his/her ownenchanted self. This involves being one with nature even when youcannot. For example, if you are working, you do not have to beslaving in the darkness. Open the windows, let the sunshine and freshair in, introduce life into your daily grind. Next cherish peopleclose to you but cherish yourself as well. Recognize all the positivethings in yourself and nurture your full potential. If you likepainting or music and you wish to find out something more about thesearts, do it, without hesitation. The same goes for sports, crafts andwhatever will make you happy. Make place in your life for all thingswhich make you happy, even if it takes sacrificing the things whichmake you sad and frustrated.

Lastly, reveal your true potentials.Learn about life and enhance your knowledge and self-awareness. You,as a basic part of this world, need to know all the things which arerelated to you. Thus, discover the world and all of its mysteries.

Finally, before you rush outside andstart your self enchantment endeavor, think about things you liked asa child. If you liked climbing trees, for example, do some similaractivity like gymnastics or other means of exercising. If you hadgood balance, explore this once again through dancing or whatever youwant. Spend time near positive people and be positive and lovingyourself. Go, and make us all proud to be human!

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