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Some people may claim that fathers do not have a strong influence on emotional, social and behavioral development of their children. However, this is simply not true. Fathers, regardless if they are good or bad, dead or alive, happy or sad, strict or negligent, or possessing any other characteristics, have a huge influence on the lives of their children, mainly connected to their self-esteem and their abilities to form their own relationships with other people, once the time comes.

Characteristics of a Good Dad

Ideally, in order for a father, or a mother, to be rated as good enough, he/she needs to spend enough time with his/her children. From a father's perspective, he should act the same as the mother, loving his children and caring for them, allowing them to feel safe. Good fathers are good listeners and good advisers. Thus, they visit school events their children are taking part in, take their children out, read with them, teach them many useful life skills etc. Basically, a good father should be there to show, not tell or order, his son how to be a good man himself. Also, the father should be a good example of what his daughter should expect from men in the future. Thus, fathers influence their children incredibly and create a basis for all future relationships their children will have, representing the male sex and giving their best to present it in the brightest light possible.

Effects of a Good Dad

Naturally, once you have a good father, your life is bound to be better. If you receive the important life counseling your father gives you, backed up with support and love throughout the childhood, you are likely to have no problems in forming new friendships. Also, in this case, you are less likely to suffer from any behavioral issues. Children with good fathers perform better in schools, have higher levels of self-esteem and are less likely to use drugs or become criminals. Finally, having a good dad will teach you how to be a good dad/husband/person yourself, allowing you to enjoy your adult life to the fullest.

The Ideal Father

The amount of time a father spends with his child is crucial, regardless whether we are talking about biological or step-fathers. Showing affection and support takes time and children need to learn how to rely on you through the time your spend together playing, socializing or solving problems. For example, if a father shows interest in a hobby that the child is interested in too, he is likely to boost the creativity within the child, improving his success at whatever he/she does.

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