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The Smartest Thing on Earth

We often praise ourselves for being themost intelligent race on our planet. However, we often forget thatour brain is far smarter than we actually are. The very fact that weare not using even one third of the overall brain capacities we havemakes us far less smart than our brains actually are. Therefore, evenafter all of our achievements and technological breakthroughs, we arestill unable to control our brain and lead it to its fullestperformance. The human brain is truly a miracle, having more than 100billion neurons. We are capable of storing information in incrediblespeed, revoke it in the same manner and receive new information,forever making our memory more complex and broad. However, there aredangers of memory loss, which can occur due to many differentfactors. Thus, you can only benefit from being capable of boostingyour memory skills. Interested? Read on and learn how to drill yourbrain and improve your memory.

Tips for a Fast, Healthy Brain

In order to keep your brain fit, youneed to train it. Therefore, do not lose time doing nothing andleaving this brain of yours spending time idle. Rather, provide itgood exercise through playing games, brain puzzles as well as doingand learning many different things.

Next, since your brain cannot be wellif the rest of your body is neglected, make sure you introduceregular exercise for the rest of your body too. Being in shape boostsyour metabolism and in return delivers more oxygen to your brain due to faster blood flow. This way, you expel harmful toxinsfrom your body and keep your brain healthy and fit.

Additionally, you need to know thatpeople are social beings. Therefore, you need to spend time withother people, socializing, talking, gettinginto relationships and forming friendships. All these things boostyour brain activities and make you less prone to amnesia, Alzheimer'sdisease and many other memory problems later in life.

Also, make sure you sleep enough eachnight. At least 8 hours of good night's sleep is a must for properbrain functions. Thus, do not neglect your sleep, it will reflect onthe well-being of your mental functions. Finally, lead a healthylife, breathe enough oxygen, drink sufficient amounts of water andavoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and psychoactive substances. Have adiet rich in omega3 acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins, boostingthe performance of your brain making it your reliable ally for manyyears to come.

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