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It's Not Everything Else, It's You!

Many times we find ourselvesdissatisfied with the life we live. Then, we usually think thatsomething related to this unhappiness of ours is bound to change inorder for us to feel better. Therefore, we are prone to changingfriends, relationships, our looks, our location and many other thingsonly to achieve this harmony we strive for so much. However,following the words of Mahatma Ghandi, we need to become the changewe want.

Therefore, we have to reflect ourproblems through our own selves, making all the possible changes inourselves, rather than spending time fixing other things which mighthave nothing to do with our dissatisfaction. All in all, before youwant a change and consider yourself worthy of it, think again. Inmost cases, you need to change your ways in order for your world tochange with you.

Become the Change You Want

We can start with our spouses. Manypeople, in time, get engulfed by the daily repetitions of being afamily person. However, this is because we ourselves let it be so. Ifyou show loving and affection towards your spouse and introducepositive and interesting things in your relationship, tolerating andforgiving, you will motivate your spouse to do the same, quicklyleading to a harmony in marriage.

In general, when something seemstotally out of your reach, you need to think about your approach andmake yourself more flexible, being capable of dealing with theseproblems better. It is all a matter of your point of view which, whenchanged, can make all your issues easier to be solved.

Next, think from the point of view ofother people, especially when you are being unpleasant or unfairtowards them. This can help you realize your mistakes and mend themtimely.

The same goes for your child.Sometimes, in order to understand children and their actions, youneed to think like a child. Keep that in mind before judgingeverything your offspring does. Listen to your child's problems anddo not be afraid to admit your own, instead of playing on a perfect,omniscient parent card. On the other hand, the children also need tobe sympathetic, cooperative and striving to be the best child theirparents can have, opening to them and sharing everything, like theydo with their best friends.

Finally, when it comes to work, youneed to be well organized and do your job well. Come to work earlier,make a list of the things needing to be done and plan out yourproductive day. Understand your boss and his/her demands, but also,if you are the boss, understand the needs and desires of yourworkers. No one must suffer or be stressed out at work.

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