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What are the benefits of counseling

Many people don’t think that psychotherapy can help, and many of them anyone and they surely don’t think they will need that kind of help. Their attitude toward the therapy changes when they begin to feel emotional difficulties. Because it helps thoroughly, now many of them believe that therapy plays the main role in healing and coping with the emotional problems.

All of us have problems and some of them may seem difficult to manage. Those emotional issues can cause aggressive behavior and we may not know how to stop that. During our lives we repeat the same stories to ourselves, following the patterns from our childhood, even though they might be unproductive. Sometimes we do it unconsciously, although we know that the result of our behavior is painful for us. We end up wondering why we cannot honestly talk to our parent, why we cannot maintain a relationship, why we cannot control our anger. There are so many questions we can ask ourselves, but we don’t know the answers until someone wakes us up. We need someone to help us realize that the responsibility for our feelings and lives is our own. 

Sometimes we can confide to our friends, but they can’t be objective. They love us and they want to console us and make us feel good. They don’t want us to feel bad by revealing the unpleasant facts. During the therapy, we may experience pain and it can be uncomfortable. We are asked to be as honest as we can and to try hard together with the therapist. Therapy requires strong desire to be helped to, and to understand that you are the only person responsible for your acts. If you don’t have that will, you will spend a lot of money, but the result will be minimal. People who go to psychotherapy are looked at as week. That is going to change soon. It is normal for a person to go to an orthopedist when his leg hurts, then why it wouldn’t be normal to go to the therapist when your soul hurts.

There are different kind of therapies and different therapists. We are in the position to choose what therapy and therapist works for us. If we don’t feel our therapist is helping us, we should find someone else. Finding the right therapist for everyone is very important. There are also different types of therapies and that depends on the therapist’s education. There is psychoanalysis, which is very quiet. There is also cognitive behavioral therapy, which is excellent for anxiety disorder or depression caused by stressful event in life, but it can’t help in sever depressions. Client centered therapies does better in these cases. 

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