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Loneliness is a mixture of different feelings. Basically, once we are lonely we tend to feel sad, powerless, empty and alone. These feelings can easily make us very vulnerable and prone to depression, decreasing our self-esteem and self-appreciation levels. In the long run, exposure to such emotional instability can lead to nervous breakdowns or development of some other mental disorders.

Fortunately, when it comes to psychological disorders every problem has a cause. We should fight loneliness the best way we can since, sooner or later, it is going to affect us. We should not allow ourselves to become depressed or antisocial, since this only makes matters worse, detaching us from people, making us paranoid loners in no time.

Reasons behind Loneliness and Depression

Before we start mentioning possible causes of these disorders, it is best to say that depression and loneliness can affect everyone, regardless of our age and sex.

As for children, the main trigger of their loneliness and depression is lack of a parent or both of them. These children feel alone and lack support. Single parents often cannot spend enough time with their children. This can easily result in communication issues, causing the child to feel alone and unloved, lacking connections to the parent, resulting in loneliness and depression.

Teenagers are especially prone to these disorders since they face pressure and teasing at school every single day. During this time they are extremely sensitive and emotional. Some teenagers prefer loneliness over teasing crowds. Some of them skip school because of this or have bad marks.

As for adults, they can feel lonely and depressed once they fail to achieve their goals. Having a job one does not like, earning too little, being incapable of meeting a girlfriend/boyfriend he/she likes or suffering from an illness, are all factors which can trigger loneliness and depression in working adults.

The elderly feel this way once they are abandoned by their families, left in retirement homes with no one to talk to or due to no memory of their lives caused by dementia or other such health issues.

Fighting Loneliness and Depression

Lonely and depressed people need to take action, desiring change. Therefore, you need to act and expose yourself to people as much as possible, even when you think that certain individuals do not like you. Approach people, converse and you will feel better through all these forms of socializing. If you happen not to have anyone to talk to, take a notebook and write your problems and frustrations down, analyzing the scribbles later.

Either way, know that isolation and depression are not good. Therefore, do your best to communicate, even if this involves having a pet, a friendly neighbor or a psychiatrist to talk to. If you are not satisfied with your life, change it by exercising, going out, finding a new job, indulging into hobbies, taking dancing classes etc. Do not let depression and loneliness get the best of you but, rather, fight back and live.

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