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One of the best characteristics of human beings is their capability and willingness to transfer knowledge onto each other. However, this is not always possible, nor it is productive. Namely, we all learn in a different way and, thereby, need different sources of knowledge. Regardless, we all have our mentors and are mentors to someone else. In some cases, this exchange of knowledge and experience can be enchanting. On the other hand, sometimes it can be bothersome, tiring, depleting or even depressing.

The Enchantment

There are people who teach others about the enchantment we feel once we establish balance and harmony in our lives. Through different achievements, we sometimes reach a stage when everything is in line in our life, being perfect. This makes us happy and satisfied, enjoying every second of life. This is called enchantment or meeting our enchanted selves.

If the world was full of enchanted people socializing with each other, it would be a more positive and beautiful place where we would respect each other, show our emotions freely and enjoy the time all of us spend together.

It's Contagious!

While we are being our enchanted selves, we can influence other people with our positive attitude and happiness, giving them the power to change for the better themselves. We know that smiles are contagious and can make many people feel better. The same is with enchantment.

Yet, this positive attitude can be hard to grasp due to all the negativity around us and all the social imperfections we need to face, struggling for survival. Regardless, we need to stay happy and believe in ourselves, rising above the negative aspects of the world, making a true change.

Negativity is also contagious. We might arrive to work happy, being sliced in half by aggressive, condescending words of our superiors or come home from a creative, fun day at work, only to be reminded of problems by our family or friends.

All this negativity can be avoided if both parties work together. Nice, polite language can sometimes make all the necessary difference. Thus, do not interrupt one's happiness in a jealous way. Rather, share it and direct it so that it brings enchantment to your existence as well.

Learn to Communicate

Perception is everything. Thus, you can live a much happier life if you look at things from a brighter side. Practice by discussing problems with someone close to you, mentioning nothing but positive aspects of these issues. Listen, and give positive, constructive feedback. This boosts the mood of the conversation and helps finding the right answer.

Finally, spend time with people you love and show affection at all times, being human and acting humane, even though this world we have created may tell you to do the exact opposite.

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