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Epidemics have become the inseparable part of our lives, but this one really reaches the stars. The public was amazed by the latest statement of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler that he is addicted to painkillers. With this statement he joined the army of celebrities who are addicted to the prescribed painkillers. In this list, other celebrities such as Burt Reynolds, Winona Rider, Charlie Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis and Friends' star Matthew Perry are found, too. Even though it gives them bad publicity they are the lucky ones, because they have enough money to enter the best rehab programme that money can buy. On the other hand, we have celebrities who had encountered the same problem, but their addiction lead them to death. That was the case with Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson and recently an actress Brittany Murphy overdosed and died. So, based on this information, pill-popping has become a kind of epidemic behavior among the celebrities. Who are we as a society to blame for that?

The fact is that the pills have become a part of our life, a safe corner where we can hide and avoid facing with problems and difficulties that life carries along. Pharmaceutical companies are luring us with their products, trying to persuade us as customers that for every problem there is a solution-pill. They are trying to persuade us that their products are safe and the truth is that prescribed drugs are more powerful and dangerous than the ones that everyone can buy on the street. What a contradiction!

Every day, we are bombed by media about the danger that smoking brings, but they don’t mention the side effect of their own products that are carefully hidden or written in small letters so that you can't sometimes read them even with a lens.

The beginning of pill-popping

It usually starts when a doctor prescribes pills to deal with a difficult situation or a trauma, and after some time, the amount increases because the body won’t react to the original small dose. Soon, you can’t really imagine your life without them. Do you see the parallel with cocaine, heroine or any illegal drug? It is important to realize that all drugs are dangerous and can cause serious consequences. Members of medical profession also don’t provide full information about the side effects and dangers of these drugs. It is important to involve the government in this problem, because the number of people addicted to painkillers is high and is getting higher.

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