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Depression is more and more common in our world, with an ever-growing number of people suffering from it. Even though we cannot possibly predict the impact of depression on an individual's body and mind, we know that, when left untreated, depression can have a catastrophic effect on one's life as a whole. Therefore, it is crucial to notice the symptoms of depression timely and treat it, avoiding any possible future complications.

Depression Diagnosis

In order for a person to be diagnosed with depression, he/she needs to suffer from the following symptoms for more than two weeks. Not all symptoms may take place together, but at least 5 are necessary for the diagnosis to be valid. Also, note that a week of depression signs in children or adolescents is equal to two weeks of the same symptoms in adults.

Symptoms and Signs of Depression

Depressed people are bound to feel negative, weak and sad during their entire days, especially in the morning. They lack energy necessary for performing typical tasks they are otherwise used to. Rather, they spend their time feeling guilt and worthlessness. This state affects their concentration and their process of decision making. Also, it affects their sleep, disrupting its patterns, leading to insomnia or even excessive sleeping.

Depressed people have no interest in daily activities or situations. Rather, they contemplate suicide and are preoccupied with negative emotions acting either restless or mentally impaired, losing or gaining weight.

Prevention of Depression

Usually, depression is treatable. Unfortunately, there are cases when depression stems from some kinds of chemical disorders in the sufferer's brain, leading to malfunction which is permanent. Then, the treatment is hard or even impossible.

However, leading a positive lifestyle can be a tool enough to prevent depression from ever appearing or making existent state of depression end. One needs to eat the right, natural and healthy food, spend time having fun and enjoying him/herself. Additionally, a person needs to take breaks from work, focusing on relaxation and positive aspects of life. Finally, a depressed person needs friends and socializing in order not to feel alone or neglected. Thus, usually, other people can have a great impact on a depressed person, showing affection and support, helping this person get out of the clutches of this cruel metal condition.

For more serious cases of depression, when prevention is not possible since the damage has already been done, psychotherapy and medications are the common alternatives. Depressed people react well to antidepressants combined with professional counseling and therapy.

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