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Alcohol and Loneliness

There are many people who have starteddeveloping an alcohol addiction due to their feelings of abandonment,loneliness and similar emotional and psychological states and conditions. This can happen for manydifferent reasons. Often, it is caused by misunderstandings, familyand financial problems as well as other issues.Usually, people do not realize that they have an alcohol problemuntil too late. They gradually start drinking in order to cope withtheir problems better. Once this actually starts being effective,they get addicted and incapable of quitting.

Many people try visiting the AAmeetings, different programs and try different techniques of alcoholdrinking cessation, all in vain. The reason behind this is quitesimple - they are treating the symptom rather than the problem itself.

A Story Like Many Others

Let us imagine a person named Violet.She had many successful achievements in life, finished school, had somefun, found a job, got married, gave birth to two wonderful children.However, after her husband lost his job, financial problems startedpiling up and the family suddenly got in serious debt.

This is where the problems started.Namely, her husband, previously being an easygoing and positivepersons, started to verbally abuse both Violet and the children on adaily basis. He was blaming them for the misfortune of the family.Violet often engaged into the arguments. However, one day, sherealized that she cannot possibly handle the pressure alone. She feltalone and completely pushed onto the margins of her family.

She has always been prone to drinkingnow and then. Of course, this was always in moderation. With thenegative progression of the situation with her husband, she realizedthat drinking makes her less vulnerable to her husband's words. So,she continued to drink more and more on a daily basis. Her husbandhated her growing drinking problem and blamed her for that as well,increasing the level of his abuse. Yet, Violet used alcohol as aneffective antidote for her husband's words and the problems of thehousehold.

Thus, Violet was stuck on a crossroadof negative choices. She could continue drinking, which was adangerous path to take, leave her family, which was unacceptable andshameful or stay with her family, which was equal to suicide.

Eventually, Violet sought professionalcounseling. There, through conversations with her therapist, sherealized that she was always the good child in her family, takingcare of everyone. These traits stayed with her even when she grew up.Thus, she was taught self-appreciation techniques and self-confidenceboosting.

She left her husband and realized thatshe does not need to drink anymore. Happiness returned toher life as she became a mother she once has been, relieving thewhole family of worries they had because of her previous behavior.


Know that there is a causebehind every addiction since people use it as a shield against theissues which are hurting them. By dealing with the cause, people becomecapable of throwing the shield away after realizing that they don't need one any more since the threat is gone.

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