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Back in the Days...

When we were still living in caves,hunting in order to eat and living a life full of battles, running,grabbing, climbing and what not, we were way more healthy than we aretoday. Namely, advanced, modern life has made us neglect physicalactivity and forced us to chase money while, usually, never leavingour chairs and offices.

This chasing has made us incapable ofstanding up correctly, let alone running for an hour or two. Rather,we are weak, incapable of performing anything requiring advanced oreven moderate physical skills and stamina. This, of course is bad.

Our ancestors were in a far bettershape than we are, being physically active for their own sake. Theystayed healthy, were a lot stronger than we are, and were...erect.Even though we are supposed to be the most advanced generation ofhuman beings, we are more and more hunchbacked, leaning forward,looking at our feet while we are walking the short distance from ourapartment to our car and vice-versa.

All in all, something needs to be done,since this way of life is hardly satisfactory, making us live lessand limiting our capabilities. We need to stop and think about ourlives. We need to introduce physical exercises and proper nutritioninto our lives, avoiding sedentary life style and junk food at all costs.This state of body and mind is our fault and no one else isresponsible for it. So, its is time to bring back the caveman who hasbeen sleeping within us for far too long.

Wake up the Caveman!

First of all, we need to activate ourcore muscles, which are all the muscles related to our torso. Thesemake us strong and capable of dealing with various physical problemsdaily, at the same time keeping us healthy and fit.

Also, our lungs, heart, spine, stomach,liver and various other organs reside in this area. Thus, keepingthem healthy can only be good for us and our overall health. Havingstrong core muscles makes us more capable of dealing with life'sdifficulties, both those physical and mental. Also, our posture isbetter when our core muscles are strong. For all these reasons, andplenty more, find your own perfect way of getting your core musclesin shape. Stick to the program and enjoy a life you have not evenperceived as possible.

Be a civilized man/woman, performingperfectly in whatever you do, using your healthy, caveman body.

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