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In this text, we will see if all the stories about the healthy nutrition that liver provideis true. We have all listened from our mothers to eat liver because it is goodfor us. The liver is the only edible organ located in the gut. Many cuisines haveliver from the mammals and birds in their meals. Some of the meals made withliver are leberwurst, foie gras, chopped liver, liver sashimi and others. Theliver is filled with toxins and nutrients. The toxins located in the liver arechemical that haven't been transformed into the healthy nutrients. Liver is a location in which toxins from calf, beef and chicken are stored.

Nutrition Facts

We will focus on the chicken liver first.

There are 47 calories in chickenliver, but it has high cholesterol level. There are also zinc, niacin,manganese, iron, copper and vitamins B12, B6, C and A. Next we will givesome facts on nutrients contained in the 100 gm of chicken liver.In cooked andpan fried chicken liver, there are 172 of calories, 25.8 g of proteins, 1.1 g ofcarbohydrates, 6.4 g of fat, 14378 IU of vitamin A, 0.8mg of vitamin C, 564mgof cholesterol, 10 mg of calcium, 12.9mg of iron, 92mg of sodium and 4g ofzinc.In cooked and simmered chicken lever, there are 167 calories, 24.5g ofproteins, 0.9g of carbohydrates, 6.5g of fat, 13328 IU of vitamin A, 27.9 ofvitamin C, 563mg of cholesterol, 11mg of calcium, 11.6mg of iron, 76mg ofsodium and 4.0g of zinc.Raw chicken liver contains 115 calories, 16.9g ofproteins, no carbohydrates, 4.8g of fat, 11077 IU of vitamin A, 17.9mg ofvitamin C, 345mg of cholesterol, 8mg of calcium, 9mg of iron, 71mg of sodiumand 2.7mg of zinc.In canned chicken, liver there is 201 calorie, 13.5g ofproteins, 6.5g of carbohydrates, 13.1g of fat, 723 IU of vitamin A, 392 mg ofvitamin A, 10mg of cholesterol, 10mg of calcium, 9.2mg of iron, 386mg of sodiumand 2.1mg of zinc.

Now we will move on to the beef liver nutrition facts. Only 142 calories are inone slice of this food. It is rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates, which makes it excellent for weight loss. But it has high level of cholesterol, which makes it bad for the heart. It promotes reproduction, healthy hear,healthy skin and growth of bones.

In cooked and braised beef liver there is 191calories, 29.1g of proteins, 5.1g of carbohydrates, 5.3g of total fat, 31718 IUof vitamin A, 1.9mg of vitamin C, 396mg of cholesterol, 6mg of calcium, 6.5mgof iron, 79mg of sodium, and 5.3mg of zinc.In cooked and fried in pan liver,there are 175 calories, 26.5g of proteins, 5.2g of carbohydrates, 4.7g of totalfat, 26091 IU of vitamin A, 0.7mg of vitamin C, 381mg of cholesterol, 6.0mg ofcalcium, 6.2mg of iron, 77.0mg of sodium and 5.2mg of zinc.In raw beef liverthere is 135 calories, 20.4g of proteins, 3.9g of carbohydrates, 3.6g totalfat, 16899 IU of vitamin A, 1.3 mg of vitamin A, 275mg of cholesterol, 5.0mgcalcium, 4.9mg of iron, 69.0mg sodium and 4.0mg zinc.

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