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Overall facts
In case you are planning to embrace one of many weight loss programmes but at the same time, you are not particularly fond of the fact that you will have to give up on milk, then skim milk is your get away card. This particular variety of milk is acquired by the centrifugal removal process of the top layer that is most rich in fats, or by the removal of the cream found in whole and dairy milk. Given the fact that it contains so minute amounts of fats, this particular variety of milk is an absolute winner.
Another benefit is that it is also calorie-free, but provides a person more than sufficient amounts of nutrients to keep the body functioning properly. As a matter of fact, it has the potential to fulfill all the essential requirements of the person’s body. When compared to its counterpart – the whole milk, we come to the following numbers: skim milk amount of calories 80/oz and the whole milk amount of calories 150/oz, with the entire amount of fats reaching the half quantity mark of the entire amount of the whole milk. Also certain varieties even surpass the whole milk in calcium quantities present in them.
Nutrition facts
The overall nutrient content of the skim milk goes as follows:
• Calories count – 85
• Cholesterol count – 10 mg
• Proteins count – 16 gm
• Carbohydrates count – 12 gm
• Vitamin A count – 3 mcg
• Vitamin B12 count – 1.0 mcg
• Vitamin C count – 1.0 mcg
• Vitamin D count – 2.5 mcg
• Sodium – 120 mg
• Potassium – 330 mg
• Phosphorus – 250 mg
• Riboflavin – 0.3 mg
• Calcium – 310 mg
• Dietary fiber – 0.0 gm
• Total fat – 0.0 gm
• Saturated fat – 0.0 gm
• Monosaturated fat – 0.0 mg
• Polyunsaturated fat – 0.0 gm
Weight loss and weight gain
Given the above stated content-related nutrition characteristics, this is one of those products that is most frequently used as a significant part, i.e. constituent of any weight loss diet plan. As far as the more essential weight loss diet plans such as the natural weight loss diet, liquid diet, 1200 calories diet and all the similar ones are concerned, skim milk is one of the most essential “ingredients.” Only one glass of skim milk is enough for your daily vitamin and mineral intake. Among many other beneficial effects, one can find such as prevention of dehydration, as well as providing a crucial aid in weight gaining (drunk alone or combined with porridge, dessert, etc.).

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