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Information on Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the most important ingredients of the numerousdifferent types of burgers and sandwiches. Most people do not know much aboutthe nutritional value of lettuce. It has been used for more than 2500 years invarious different types of salads, burgers, sandwiches and tacos. Chinesecuisine commonly includes cooked lettuce as well.

It is one of the healthiesttypes of food available and it has an enormous nutritional value. It is anintegral part of every well balanced diet and it is highly recommended for allthose who are trying to lose excess weight. Different types of lettuce havevaried nutritional values too.

Nutrition Facts of Lettuce

Since lettuce cannot be preserved in any way it is alwaysthe best way to consume it in its fresh form because that way one can use itsfull nutritional potential. The three most common types of lettuce arebutterhead, romaine and iceberg. Butterhead has a buttery flavor and verysmooth and light leaves.

Romaine lettuce has the most intense flavor and it canbe characterized by long, dark green leaves. It is the variety that has thebiggest nutritional value. Iceberg has a crispy texture and its leaves have alight green color. The darker the leavesthe more nutritious the lettuce is.

One serving of 55 grams of butterheadlettuce contains 7 calories, 56.3 micrograms of vitamin K, 52.6 grams of water,2 milligrams of vitamin C, 0.6 grams of dietary fiber, 1822 IU of vitamin A,0.74 grams of protein, 0.11 milligrams of zinc, 1.23 grams of carbohydrates, 18milligrams of phosphorus, 0.12 grams of fats. 7 milligrams of magnesium, 19milligrams of calcium, 131 milligrams of potassium and 0.68 milligrams of iron.Each serving of 55 grams of iceberg lettuce contains 8 calories, 13.3micrograms of vitamin K, 52.6 grams of water, 1.5 milligrams of vitamin C, 0.7grams of dietary fiber, 276 IU of vitamin A, 0.5 grams of protein, 0.08milligrams of zinc, 1.63 grams of carbohydrates, 11 milligrams of phosphorus,0.08 grams of fats, 4 milligrams of magnesium, 10 milligrams of calcium, 78milligrams of potassium and 0.23 milligrams of iron. Each serving of 47 gramsof romaine lettuce contains 8 calories, 48.2 micrograms of vitamin K, 44.5grams of water, 11.3 milligrams of vitamin C, 1 gram of dietary fiber, 4094 IUof vitamin A, 0.58 grams of proteins, 0.11 milligrams of zinc, 1.55 grams ofcarbohydrates, 14 milligrams of phosphorus, 0.14 grams of fats, 7 milligrams ofmagnesium, 16 milligrams of calcium, 116 milligrams of potassium and 0.46milligrams of iron.

Health Benefits of Lettuce

Lettuce is very good for liver health, proper digestion andweight control. It is very efficient in preventing numerous different types ofheart diseases and cancers.

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