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Stress and Wrinkles

You might be wondering if there is aconnection between stress and wrinkles. Well, you have thought rightif you had made a connection. Naturally, the more we are stressed themore stress hormones will affect our organism. The imbalances in ourorganism, which get caused by excessive stress, can interfere withthe health of our skin, triggering many different problems, likeeczema, pimples, acne and even wrinkles and premature aging.

Namely, stress is caused by manydifferent factors some of which are external and some which areinternal. Either way, whenever you are exposed to stress, your bodyexperiences hormonal imbalances which contribute to the onset of skinproblems, including wrinkles.

When people realize this, theyimmediately start thinking about cures. However, the only things theyhave in mind are drugs, medications or other, unhealthy means ofstress release like coffee, alcohol or cigarette consumption. This,of course, only makes things worse. Rather, you are to think aboutnatural ways to stop the creation of wrinkles through living healthy.

Smart Way to Fight Wrinkles

If your wrinkles are caused byexcessive stress, you need to deal with the cause in order to get ridof the symptoms and prevent them from appearing again and making yourlife miserable and your skin old.

Physical exercise is a great way ofdealing with stress, since, this way, you stay in shape, deal withlife's problems more easily and produce more happy hormones whichwill safely get you through your daily grind. Stress releasetechniques like yoga and meditation are highly advisable too.

Next, keep your body clean and safe.This means no cigarettes, alcohol and drug consumption. Also, makesure you are careful with tea and consume these beverages with careand in moderate amounts. Water is to be your priority. So, 8 glassesa day should be your minimum.

Then, you have to eat the right food,rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, as well as fattyacids, while having low fat values. Make sure you sleep at least 8hours a day, providing your body adequate regeneration.

Finally, whenever you are staying outin the sun, keep your skin protected wearing sunglasses, sunscreenand protective layers of clothes made from natural fibers.

All in all, if you want a life free ofwrinkles you need to take care of yourself. The answer does not liein a single pill or an unhealthy habit. Rather, health should be yourpriority, then, you will never see a single wrinkle on your skin prematurely.

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