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Lifestyle Causing Wrinkles

There are many factors which contributeto wrinkle formation. Wrinkles, per se, aresmall marks and lines on the skin which appear due to the loss of theskin's elasticity. This happens because free radicals in our systemstop the production of collagen, the protein which makes our skinelastic in the first place. We get these free radicals through manyunhealthy factors present in our life. These are in the polluted airwe breathe, unhealthy products we use, cigarettes and alcohol and,among some others, in the junk food we consume. Food plays a greatrole in our youthful looks and, as much as food can contribute to ourbeautiful face, it can cause wrinkles and numerous diseases. Thus, becareful what you eat, since malnutrition, in this way, may be thecause of your wrinkle problems.

Food Causing Wrinkles

First of all, those who have problemswith wrinkles, should avoid junk food at alltimes. Instead, these people should concentrate on healthy eatinghabits, including turkey, tomatoes, spinach and olives in their dailydiet. Also, those who love sweets will be happy to know thatchocolate can be quite useful for these purposes as well.

Our wrinkle formation cannot be deniednor stopped. Rather, we are bound to experience wrinklesappearing more and more on our face as we grow old. This happensbecause of the force of gravity, which pulls our face down once itselasticity is gone. Also, if we constantly make certain facialexpressions which involve folding some parts of our facial skin, weare likely to develop wrinkles in the long run as well.

The food types you need to avoid,besides the above mentioned junk food, are those which are rich insugar. Sugar damages our collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkleformation and old looks of our facial skin. A healthy amount of sugarintake should, therefore, make 10% of your daily consumption.

Processed food is out of the questiontoo. There are almost no nutrients in these kinds of food, except thesynthetic ones, being unhealthy and harmful for all aspects of ourwell-being. Instead, concentrate on eating fruit and vegetableswhenever you can, while keeping processed food at bay. Finally,alcohol is one of the greatest creators of wrinkles, making your skincells inflamed. So, avoid indulging into alcohol excessively, andfollow the above mentioned tips in order to have a skin which willlook young and be healthy for as long as possible.

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