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The Necessary, Healthy Fat

We know that we need to have fat in our organism. Namely, this part of us in involved in hormonal production and behavior and it is a part of many different bodily processes. However, there needs to be a balance between our levels of fat. We, through our intake, can obtain two kinds of fats, one healthy and good, the other unhealthy and bad. If there is too much of this bad fat in our body, it will get in our blood vessels, causing problems for our other organs and leading to numerous complications. Also, as it was mentioned above, too much fat in our organism leads to hormonal imbalances, having their own negative influence on our overall well-being.

Therefore, we need to establish a balance between our good fat and bad fat intake. Basically, we get our good fat from omega3 fatty acids found in fish, nuts, some vegetable oils etc. But, through our irregular nutrition, we also obtain unhealthy fats. Thus, for a healthy balance, we would have to ensure an intake of 4 omega6 fatty acids on one omega3 fatty acid, taking into consideration we do not intake other, unhealthy fats. However, since we do, we need to cut back on either of the fat type we are inserting into our organism, preferably the unhealthy one.

Recommended Daily Intake?

This factor greatly depends from one individual to another. For example, men need to ensure more essential fats than women do. Moreover, people who exercise a lot, spend more energy and burn more calories, thus needing more essential fats through their diets. In a similar manner, people who are exposed to stress or suffer from certain diseases, all need to take good care of their adequate fat intake.

Before knowing your optimal percentage of essential fatty acids, you need to know your ideal weight and the number of calories needed to keep it under control. Once you establish this, if you are a person who enjoys sports often you need 6% of this calorie intake to consist of healthy fats. On the other hand, if you prefer sitting and relaxing over physical activity, 3% of these fats will suffice.

Bear in mind that, throughout our daily consumption we tend to eat unhealthy, and concentrate on re-establishing your diet, making it healthier. Once you try a certain diet, pay close attention to your skin, since, once it becomes beautiful and gentle without any cosmetic products, your omega3 levels are excellent. You can get these from fish and fish oils, nuts and nut oils, as well as other sea food.

Ensure a steady good fat intake and you are bound to benefit in the long run, staying healthy and fit.

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