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There are many possible reasons behind having a skin which produces pain each time you touch it. First of all, this may be a problem related to genetics, therefore, inherited if present in your family. Alternatively, it may be caused by hormonal imbalances, some deficiencies in our organism or, perhaps, certain cosmetic or other products containing chemicals which damage our skin or trigger an allergic reaction expressed through it. Finally, an underlying disease may be the reason behind this painful skin problem. All in all, this condition manifests through pain, possibly combined with skin rashes, redness or some other symptoms. Nevertheless, the pain may strike without any other signs of problems upon one's skin. It is, therefore, very important to be able to notice the right symptoms and recognize this condition in order to react timely and take adequate further measures.

Reasons Behind Skin Painful to the Touch

One of the most common causes of this condition is our skin's lack of some essential vitamins. Namely, there are many different vitamins important for these purposes. Any deficiencies in these may trigger imbalances possibly resulting in this troublesome condition.

Alternatively, different diseases may be the cause of painful skin of this type. Firstly, there is diabetes. This illness, in some of its forms is able to reduce blood and oxygen levels being delivered to certain parts of our body. This can cause various problems and possible nerve damage, resulting in this, and many other side-effects. Peripheral neuropathy functions upon the same principle and is capable of causing quite similar effects.

There are several skin problems which have painful skin as their trademarks. The first is herpes zoster. This condition involves formation of small blisters somewhere on our skin. These are very painful and cause excessive irritation and discomfort. Moreover, even after one removes the herpes, the skin pain prevails for a period of several additional days. Secondly, there is fibromyalgia which possesses no visible symptoms, but makes one's skin extremely sensitive to physical contact.

Alternatively, there comes tactile defensiveness. This condition involves dysfunctional nervous transmitters, which send inadequate information to our brain, considering every contact to the skin painful. Finally, strong migraines along with mental stress may trigger skin painful to the touch as well.

Also, sometimes, our skin hurts whenever we touch it because we exposed ourselves to excessive heat or cold for too long. Extremely high or low temperatures may cause damage to our skin tissue and nerves, thus making our skin tender and painful to the touch during its recovery process. In all the cases mentioned above, it is best to seek proper medical attention immediately upon noticing the symptoms.

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