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A Thing or Two about Acne

This skin problem is also known aswhiteheads or pimples. It commonly strikes teenagers, but can be an issue with people of all ages.Basically, they are caused by bacterial actions in the pores of ourskin. These pores, however, get clogged by the excessive dead skinfound on the surface of our regular skin. This debris clogs thepores, leaving bacteria inside. The bacterial activity leads toinfection and inflammation, which result in acneappearing, most commonly on one's face, shoulders, neck, chest andback. The problem is more apparent in teenagers, due to excessivehormonal activities, triggering extra production of oil on thesurface of their skin, clogging the pores even more. Also, otherbacterial activity may trigger acne as well, along with stress, whichgives way to an unhealthy life, sleep deprivation and lack ofappropriate diet.

However, since everything in our bodyis connected, we can prevent acne from ever appearing on our face byleading a healthy life, full of physical activity, backed up byproper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in general.

How To Stop Acne?

First and foremost, proper hygiene is amust. That being said, make sure you wash your face with anantibacterial soap at least 3 or 4 times a day. This will remove allthe dead skin from your face and will keep it clean. Also, hairhygiene is crucial. Thus, wash your hair regularly and keep it awayfrom your face.

Secondly, physical activity is anadditional, necessary factor. Being a couch potato can lead toexcessive fat, which in return can cause acne, among many otherproblems. So, you must stay fit and in shape, if you want to have abeautiful face and skin, with no pimples on it.

Thirdly, stay relaxed and avoid stressat all costs. Exercising may help you with this as well. Stresstriggers hormonal imbalances, which cause excessive production ofskin oil, which results in acne. Yoga, meditation, music and manyother disciplines and things may all help you regain your calmness andenjoy life more, living without acne.

As for alternative approaches, thereare homeopathic medications for these purposes, as well as numerousdermatological therapies all presenting effective choices.

Finally, avoid wearing makeup toooften and wear sun glasses when you go out during a sunny day. Havinga diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and omega3 fattyacids, can all help our skin fight off or prevent acne. Also, drinkenough water. Dehydration causes dry skin and skin problems,including acne. All in all, everything is connected. Thus, lead alifestyle which prevents acne and acne will be gone from your lifeforever.

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