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Holidays are the part of the year when most people experienceovereating and uncontrolled hunger. Many of them will explain later they weren’tSO hungry, but their mind tricked them to think like that. However,there are some things you can do to reduce that extreme hunger which can’t betamed. There are some foods you can eat every day and still you will take fewercalories and won’t feel so hungry. General rules, when it comes to food, is toeat small and frequent meals throughout the day, to keep your metabolism happyand your cravings at bay.


Eggs are excellent choice for any time of the day. They arevery rich in proteins, but one egg contains only 60 calories. Proteins from thefood are known to raise the production of hunger suppression peptide in thebody, which is also known as PYY peptide. Eat the eggs for breakfast or in themiddle of the day and choose the way you like them: poached, boiled orscrambled. Any way you eat them they will be very useful to stop the hungerfrom appearing. Studies also revealed that eating eggs in the morning usuallyreduce the amount of the calories people take for the rest of the day.


These fruits are great sources of fibers, and a regular sizeapple has only 70 calories. Whole apple is better hunger suppressant then theapple juice, since it will provide more fibers and fewer calories than fruitjuice. Pectin is just one of the fibers from the apple, proven to make you feellike your stomach is full for a longer time period.


Almonds and pine nuts are very useful to chew on, especiallyat the parties. There are always some nuts at the end of the table, so you won’thave to worry. Also, you can always bring you own zip lock with some pine nutsor almonds and use it. These nuts are not low in calories, you should know that,but the amount of proteins and fibers present in them will suppress your hungerfor sure. Because some of the fat from the almonds can’t be absorbed, you don’thave to worry about all that calories, just a fragment of those will end up inyour body.


Oatmeal is considered to be one of the best breakfast meals,because of the fibers and complex carbs it contains. It will take you some timeto digest this breakfast and you can be sure that you won’t crave for anythingafter that. Avoid instant oatmeal, because it may contain additional sugar andcalories as well, and opt for oats or steel oats.

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