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People striving to lose some excess weight already know thatit is not easy. Our body keeps on those pounds and we need both hard exercise andchange of our diet if we want to achieve anything. However, there are some usefultips that could help anyone trying to get ready for the summer.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat isthe easiest thing you can do and it will prove to be beneficial for weightloss. Simply, double the quantity of servings every day. If you are currentlyeating 2 servings per day – from now on eat 4 and if you happen to eat 5servings of fruits and vegetables every day work your way to even 10 servingsper day. Perhaps you will need several weeks to incorporate those increasedamount fruits and vegetables into your menu, but be persistent. Choose organicif you can and pick the fruits and veggies rich in fibers.

Eat More Dried Nuts

Dried nuts contain plenty of lean proteins, so try to eatabout 1oz of walnuts or almonds every day. You can eat half of that in themorning and other half in the afternoon, if you like. What you should avoid arefried nuts. Instead of these, always make sure to buy dry-roasted or naturalnuts. You don’t have to worry these nuts will make you fat because scientistshave proven that this amount of fat found in the nuts is actually beneficialfor weight loss.

Avoid Liquid Calories and Fast Food

Fast food and liquid calories are not good for your healthor for your weight. Juices, sodas and sport drinks contain plenty of sugar andthey won’t help you lose excess weight. Limit the consumption of alcohol aswell, for this is also something filled with liquid calories. So, don’t drinkexcessively while you are trying to lose some weight. Post workout drinks are only exception and you can and should take those after a strenuous exercise.

Food in fast food restaurants will always contain much morefat and salt than you need, so prepare your meals at home. Sometimes you willneed some time to adjust to the situation you have to shop, chop and then cookyour meal, but first time you try your own food you will realize the difference.Your body will be both healthier and thinner once you get rid of excess saltand fat from junk food.

Exercise Regularly

Regular walks after big meals and consistent workouts are necessaryif you want to be fit and healthy. Train consistently, choosing the time of theday which suit your needs. Only that, combined with your diet changes will helpyou lose excess weight.

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