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Belly Fat and Flat Abs

Flat abs are women’s dream. According to DavidZinczenko, editor of Men’s Health this can be achieved following the abs dietdesigned specifically for women. The fat accumulated on the abdominal part ofthe body and thus called the belly fat is probably the most life threateningfat in the body. Zinczenko claims that this fat acts as another organ in thebody and produces harmful substances. More than that, belly fat is also associatedwith an increased risk of many diseases of the heart and the liver.

Abs diet for women is designed with an intention to helpwomen lose excess weight and flatten their abs at the same time. It should lastfor 6 weeks and during this time women are encouraged to change their old and embracenew eating habits. They should eat often in order to boost their metabolism andthere is a list of food they should eat during the diet. The author of the absdiet for women advises eating 6 small meals every day and all of these mealsshould be evenly spaced.

Which Food Should You while on the Abs Diet?

It is very easy to remember the food which you should eat inthis diet. Simply, remember the acronym ABS DIET POWER and there will be allthe foods you should use. In this diet, you should eat only these so-calledpowerfoods. They will provide plenty of important nutrients for your body, suchas fibers and proteins, but also some good carbohydrates and good fats.

So, A stands for almonds and all other nuts, and B is forbeans. S stands for spinach and some other green vegetables you should usewhile following the rules of abs diet for women. D reminds you to eat low fat dairyproducts and I stand for another valuable food in this diet - instant oatmeal. Eis here to remind you to eat eggs, while T is for turkey and other lean meatsyou can use in abs diet. Completely natural peanut butter is under the letter Pand O stands for the goof fat in the form of extra virgin olive oil. W shouldremind you to eat whole grains, E to take more proteins, especially wheyprotein and R stands for raspberry and all other berries you can eat.

Protein intake in this diet will ensure the building of leanmuscles in your body and help you burn the fat much faster. Of course, physicalactivity and regular exercise is also an integral part of this diet and you won’tachieve anything without proper exercise. Many scientists and doctors find thisdiet to be healthy. Women are encouraged to eat healthier and to limit theintake of the calories so this can’t be wrong. However, some of them don’t believethat this diet can actually work your abs in just 6 weeks.

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