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Your nutrition and lifestyle do matter it's almost become a cliche that diet, exercise and lifestyle choices affect how long you will live, whether you will have a healthy heart, if you are going to develop a cancer and whether conceiving will be a problem to you. Few years ago, carbs became a huge deal, they were considered unhealthy, especially diets high in carbs, and we were bombarded with low carb diets. The fact is not all carbohydrates are unhealthy: white pastas and breads are definitely on a no-no list, but there are carbohydrates that must be a part of your daily diet.

You should definitely eat oats and barley: I recommend eating a bowl of healthy cereals for your breakfast combine them with your favorite fruit and you will have a delicious healthy carb meal. If you add some nuts, your breakfast will be on the top 3 healthiest list. Yes, nuts are important: a person should eat a hand full of nuts on daily basis. Do you? Nuts, Brazilian nuts, walnuts, almonds they are all on the list that contains healthy carbs. Eat them. As already said, embrace whole grains. Include in your diet wheat, oat, barley - hulled and dehulled (not pearl), maize, brown rice, rye, triticale, sprouted grains, chick pea. And definitely avoid white rice, white flour, white bread, hominy, and non-wholeweat pasta varieties.

Ok, stop, stop what about explaining what have carbs to do with fertility? I am sorry.. I was a bit too fast. Specific carbohydrates have a negative effect on fertility. These are the carbs that are found in white flour, potatoes and sugared sodas for example. These carbs are easily digested and more than any other nutrient, determine a person s blood sugar and insulin levels: if consumed they raise the sugar levels in your blood. If sugar levels in your blood are too high, the imbalance of hormones occurs and reproduction and normal ovulation are endangered.

For example, women diagnosed with PCOS are often considered pre-diabetic because of insulin imbalance and are advised to lower consumption of white unhealthy carbs. As a scientific proof, the Nurses Health Study showed that women who ate carbohydrates that are easily digested and low in fibers had a higher glycemic load, and they were 92% more likely to experience ovulatory infertility! This of course does not mean you should avoid carbohydrates! Carohydrates are an important part of your diet, but choose ones that are slow to digest and rich in fiber, and you will actually improve your fertility.

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