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Weight Gain and Appetite

Excessive weight gain is a state ofaffairs usually triggered by problems in one's nutrition. Namely,overeating and malnutrition are the two main causes of a rapidincrease in body weight. Logically, when combined, these factorsaffect one even more. Thus, in order to be fit, one needs to be smartwhen it comes to food consumption. Basically controlling your nutrition and paying close attention to youreating habits, can help make some positive changes regarding the health andfitness of your body. However, this is easier said than done,since, once appetite gets in the picture, everything is much harder.Your hunger and cravings for food may be your toughest enemies onceyou decide to cut down on your intake or change your diet completely.Many do not succeed in maintaining their new diet plan due to thesetwo factors, returning to their bad eating habits, only to feed thehunger they cannot tame. Nevertheless, there are methods which mayact as completely natural appetite suppressors. Subsequently, onceyou “turn off” your appetite and cravings, you are bound to loseweight more easily.

Natural Ways of Suppressing YourAppetite

Initially, before you decide to undergoyour diet procedure, make sure you do not have things which can makethis process harder everywhere around your dwelling. This goes forice-creams in the refrigerator, candy bars in the cupboard etc. Getrid of all these things and you will be less likely to betray yourdiet promise to yourself.

Secondly, many nutritionists claim thatyou should start your day with a meal rich in protein and fiber. Bothof these make us less hungry and prolong the onset of our cravings.Fibers mixed with water tend to expand in your stomach, making youfeel full for a longer time. On the other hand, our organism needsmore time to digest proteins, thus keeping us full as well. Having a bowl of oatmeal with milk for breakfast and drinking a lot of waterand tea throughout the day can prove to be quite efficient insuppressing your appetite.

Next comes the necessity of physicalexercising since an hour of cardiovascular and weight lifting workoutcan reduce your appetite significantly. Also, to endure all this, youwill need sufficient sleep, at least 8 hours of it daily.

Finally, eating protein shakes and eating healthy meals will result in a appetite decrease as well. Also, tryto make your meals smaller but more frequent during the day. Lookingat blue colored surfaces, brushing your teeth regularly or gettingyour mind off food by relating it to something disgusting can all beexcellent additional methods.

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