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Lack of Energy

Extreme tiredness and drowsiness are often results of lackof energy. Human body requires energy to function properly and even just simplefunctions such as the breathing and walking won’t be possible without it.

Some people believe that eating regularly can prevent lackof energy but this is not completely true. You need to choose good food, rich in complex carbohydrates,vitamin C and iron and only then you won’t feel tired. When you provide goodfood for your body, it acts as a perfectly oiled machine and you have enoughenergy for everything.

To get rid of tiredness, as already mentioned, you needcomplex carbohydrates. Remember, these are not the same as simplecarbohydrates, proving very quick but short-lasting energy. Complexcarbohydrates, found in whole grains are your way to provide long lastingenergy for your body. Besides complex carbohydrates, whole grains are also richin antioxidants and fibers and thus extremely good for your health. Another thingyour body needs is protein or better proteins. These nutrients provide energyif there are no carbohydrates available. Iron is known as energy booster for along time, so many eat spinach, red meat or soybeans to provide plenty of this importantmineral.

High Energy Food

Healthy diet always starts with breakfast. Eat yourbreakfast every single day, regardless of your agenda that day. Some of thefoods recommended for morning meal are: whole grain bread, eggs, oatmeal andorange juice.

For energized body, eat frequent small meals all day. As snacks,you can take banana, an apple, small portion of dried fruits or some nuts. Don’tstarve your body and try not to overeat, because both actions will leave youwithout sufficient energy.

Brown pasta and brown rice are some of the food great foryour everyday energy. Whenever you have the chance to choose – chose these insteadof regular white rice or white pasta. Fish, shellfish and meats such as beef,lamb, pork, veal, chicken, turkey or game are also rich in proteins and beneficialfor your body. Different pulses, oatmeal, carrots, spinach, yam and potatoeswill also do a world of good to your energy level. Drink more milk and eat moredairy products and eggs and you won’t feel tired for sure.

Nuts, almonds and whole grain food is both very healthy andextremely beneficial for overall energy. Always remember that fruits are alsohealthy, so eat more of: apples, apricots, pears, bananas, figs or any otherfruit you prefer.

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