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How to control your appetite?

Controlling the Appetite

There are some steps you can take in order to keep the appetite under control and this will be the focus of this text. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is never to eat one big meal, but to divide it into several meals of smaller size. Dividing a meal is a great way to reduce some work of your stomach, so you can eat soup for lunch and sandwich some time after the lunch - not both at the same time. There is an option of dividing the quantities of both servings as well. Great chance of overeating and eating in great quantities is present when we eat while being extremely hungry. So if this happens, you should eat foods with high level of fibers, preferably vegetables, and then move on to other food. This will surely help you monitor your appetite and ending a meal with a serving of vegetables is advised. It is a good idea to indulge yourself and eat the food you want to eat right now, just like when you were a kid and you had preferences associated with food and wanted only to eat such food items. You can do this now as well, so keep the things you do not want to eat and eat what you are really craving for. Appetite can be controlled with the help from snacks, but it can be problematic for certain people. Be sure to consume enough of the food you need during the day, especially if you have three meals during the day. You can include missing calories in your meal if you are conducting a diet plant with snakes included. You will feel full longer by eating foods such as fish, lean meat, eggs and other foods with high levels of proteins. Try to eat slowly because the brain needs 20 minutes to realize that you are full. So, you will eat less and feel full if you chew a bit slower than usually. Snacks you can include are baked tortillas with dip fat free or salsa, apple from microwave with cinnamon, air-popped popcorn, whole grain crackers, or cheese with reduced levels of fat, for example. Drink a lot of fluid to prevent dehydration which causes hunger. Also another cause of hunger is deficiency of protein and try to add them in the nutrition if you usually start to feel hungry very fast.


Those who work out know that there is a feeling in the stomach that is similar to nausea and that lasts from 30 to 60 minutes after the workout. During this period you cannot eat, but after this, you will feel very hungry and you need to avoid this. So eat something after the workout, preferably 30 to 45 minutes after it. Also, never eat too much before workout, but eat a snack if you are feeling a bit hungry before the workout.


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