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The problem with the snacks

When it comes to the diets, one of the biggest problems is not the diet itself, but the restriction of the habit of consuming the tasteful snacks. Every dietitian will say that it is extremely recommendable to stay away from the snack foods because they are mostly harmful for the process of losing the excessive weight, but also for the health in general. That is because the snacks are mostly enriched with the artificial enhancers of the flavour, with the conservatives (which prevent the food from going bad) and, on the other hand, they lack of the basic nutrients.

The healthy snack food

But, fortunately, there are some snacks which are beneficial for any slimming down eating regime since they are low in calories. That is, since the snack is the meal which is intended for providing enough energy to the organism, the best thing to be eaten in that moment is something that is low in fats and calories and rich in the beneficial nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fibers and proteins). The most popular dietary products, concerning this matter are, for example, the bars based on the calcium, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, and folic acid.

As far as the snack in the form of the beverage is concerned, the fruit yoghurts and the nutritive shakes are the best option there is. These snacks that can be bought in every healthy food store, are appropriate for the people who don’t have enough time for the preparation of another one meal per day. But, it is always the best option to make a healthy snack at home, which should be, of course, based on the veggies and fruits, if possible, in the fresh form.

For example, the meal can include the raw fruits and veggies which provide the feeling of fullness and can quickly satisfy the hunger, such as: apple, banana, grapes, carrots and similar. Those are the valuable sources of the necessary vitamins and minerals, and the need for fibers can be satisfied by the intake of the cereals, similarly as the intake of the eggs will replenish the amount of the proteins in the organism. Also very healthy snacks are nuts, raisins, almonds, the seeds from sunflower, and similar.

Of course, the taste of the mentioned snacks could be enriched with certain sauces, which can be prepared on the basis of spinach, of the cheese mixed with broccoli, of black beans and baked (not fried) tortilla chips or even little bit of the peanut butter could be used as the dressing.

So, in the conclusion, it is necessary to point out that the meal prepared this way shouldn’t have more than one hundred calories.

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