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Importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that. A lot of people miss the breakfast because they are in a hurry or loaded with work. Another problem is the fact that people often choose rather unhealthy food. The food full of carbohydrates or fats is often a part of someone's breakfast. People eat a lot of pancakes, muffins, pies and similar which may raise the level of blood sugar in the morning. Fried bacon and eggs, greasy cheese or sausages are not that suitable for starting a day. Highly nutritional values of the food one eats are important for making one fit for the day. Saturated fat food is not a good option as well as high sugar one. Breakfast should consist of food rich in vitamins, proteins or fibers. The best choice are proteins, dairy products of low fat and whole-grain carbohydrates. Healthy breakfast requires just 15 minutes to prepare, so no one can make an excuse of not having time to do that. If there is not enough time in the morning for making breakfast, make breakfast the night before. Good idea is to buy all the necessary food the day before, e.g. when getting back from work.


Here are some suggestions for making breakfast healthy.1. Oatmeal can be one way to start breakfast. In order to include some more nutrients in breakfast, blueberries and almonds can be a good option to add to oatmeal. Mix the oatmeal with some almonds, blueberries and flaxseed and a little honey can make breakfast complete. Oatmeal can also be eaten with protein shakes mixed with berries.2. Cereals are mostly recommended for breakfast mainly due to high amounts of fibers, proteins and low fats and sugar. Cereals can be added to soy milk or yogurt depending on the personal choice.3. Tofu is high in iron and contains little fat, so prepare some scrambled tofu in a little olive oil and according to preferences add some onions, garlic, peppers or any other vegetables.4. Yogurt low in fats or soy yogurt can be eaten with berries or granola. 5. For breakfast that is energy-booster slice and chop up fresh season fruits and add some lemon juice.6. Instead of eating peanut butter, try to spread an almond butter on the whole-wheat toast. Adding grapefruit or some lemon is another option.7. Fried eggs should be replaced with scrambled eggs. Make sandwiches with toast bread and some peppers, broccoli, cauliflower or other vegetable together with scrambled eggs. It is not recommendable to eat a lot of egg yolks, egg whites are healthier. 8. Gibb's oat Bran muffins are better choice than the usual muffins. They can be eaten with honey, jam with a cup of tea or low-fat milk.9. Mix some vegetables or apples with non-greasy cheese, for example, cottage cheese.

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