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We have to eat. Thisis a simple statement, yet a statement that creates a lot of problems for somepeople. This is because overeating and eating food that is far from healthyis a common thing today and it leads into obesity easily. This condition, thisexcessive weight, can induce some other problems, not in the beginning, butlater on, after some years or even decades. The biggest problem is related to theheart muscle. Heart attack may happen and that is a life threatening situation.So, how to reach better health through better nutrition?


Eating healthy iseasy. Just do not eat more than needed and please, do not eat junk food. It isas simple as that. Well, it is simple until the bad eating habits kick in, which happens to many people. One extra pound is not a big deal, the problem iswhen one or few turn into many and that is when obesity emerges. Beside heartissues, increased risk of getting affected by diabetes is also a threat. So,what is a healthy food? It has to contain a proper ratio of proteins, carbs and fat.There should also be vitamins and minerals present. Also, each of these nutrientsmust be taken in the proper amount. If that does not happen, there will beinsufficiency of a certain nutrient and that might cause certain problems too.

Some dietsare based on cutting down certain nutrient, but that can sometimes cause evenmore problems, especially if rules of dieting are not followed. For example,reducing the amount of carbs should start the fat burning process, but what happensis reduction of muscle tissue, because body goes into defensive status, whichsaves fat tissue as one of the main sources of energy in the organism.


So, what can be eaten?Fruits, veggies, poultry, fish, whole grains, low fat dairy products, these allcan be used and classified as healthy. Of course, fruits and vegetablesshould create most of the menu because they contain very low levels of carbsbut they are very rich in vitamins and minerals. Food should be taken at least 5times in a day. Meals should contain small amounts of food, which will keep thebasal metabolism active, but it will not make problems for the digestive tract and its functions. This does not mean that food like cakes,sodas, candies, high fat meat and other must not be taken. It is allowed to consume them, but only from timeto time and in amounts that will not harm the organism.

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