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It is a unfortunate fact that most types of food which are preferred as delicacies are also responsible for the intake of plenty of calories and fat. In most cases, those types of food are very delicious so a person only wants to have more and more. So this is why most people have a very hard time having just a little of these precious delicacies, but not feeling deprived at the same time. There are certain tips and tricks which can be used in order to enjoy all the favorite food items and still slim down at the same time.

Tips and Tricks

One of many tricks a person can do is to dilute the drinks. People are not aware of the fact that all the unnecessary amount of calories can also be ingested by drinking various different types of liquid as well. There are certain types of coffee which contain up to 2100 kilojoules per serving. If a person does not understand the concept of kilojoules, a 2dl bottle of Coke contains approximately 420 kilojoules, for example. Nowadays, Coke usually comes in even bigger bottles, which only makes things worse. Various different types of fruit juices, soft drinks, sports drinks and cordials are all loaded with sugar. They may be efficient in quenching one’s thirst but they also contain plenty of calories.

These beverages should be diluted or taken with ice. Tap water or mineral water can be used for the purposes of dilution. Plain water does not contain any calories. One can also downsize all different types of snacks such as potato chips or pretzels. Bigger bags may offer better value, but they also provide the consumer with much more unhealthy calories. These bigger bags may be divided into smaller portions in order to avoid overeating. Those who enjoy eating pasta quite frequently also need to reduce the size of the portion. One can also choose vegetable based pasta sauces over ones which are based on cheese, butter and various types of cream.

Those who consume plenty of takeaway food, especially Chinese food, should try to base their meals on vegetables. These meals provide less calories and much more taste varieties. Sandwiches should be made without the top bread slice, because each one contains approximately 336 kilojoules. Those who like pizza should definitely avoid using plenty of pepperoni or sausages because they contain so many calories. Vegetables are a much healthier choice.

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