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Obesity and overweight are very dangerous, and fortunately enough, most people are aware of that. Being a little overweight may definitely be subjective to the body type of a person, as most people believe that it is definitely worse to have higher levels of abdominal fat than fat deposits which are distributed evenly throughout the entire body.

Health and Life Hazards of Obesity

Overweight and obesity are also harmful for the budget of a person. They are associated with increased risk of various types of cancer. Overweight is also involved in a 20% greater mortality rate than the mortality rate of normal weighted individual. Those who suffer from obesity also have a mortality rate of 70%, while morbid obesity has an unbelievable 200% higher mortality rate than normal persons do. Heart failure and stroke are two medical conditions which are the most common in persons who suffer from obesity and overweight. They are the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. Obesity and overweight can also be associated with Alzheimer’s disease, social anxiety, depression and numerous other types of mental illnesses.

Bad Foods

There are a large number of healthy food items which should definitely be included in everyone’s daily diet, but there are also various harmful types of food which need to be avoided as much as possible. A typical American usually consumes plenty of chemicals and preservatives, refined oils, hydrogenated oils and refined sugars. These food items are very efficient in contributing to the development of obesity and overweight in a person. All nutritionists refer to refined sugar as poison. It does not contain any beneficial nutrients, it is only loaded with plenty of calories. Everyone should steer clear from refined sugars as much as possible. White processed flour, processed wheat products, white bread, non whole grain pasta, cereals, crackers, white rice and non whole wheat pizzas also need to be avoided as much as possible because they are jam packed with carbohydrates and sugar and they contain only small amounts of beneficial nutrients. One should also steer clear of all refined sugar, refined oils, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, chemicals, junk food and processed food.

Good Foods

Those who suffer from overweight and obesity should consider consuming lean meat, which includes chicken, lamb, pork or beef. They contain plenty of proteins and no fats at all. Protein rich foods in general are highly recommended. Whole grain foods, rye bread, rice and pasta are also excellent additions to a diet. The same can be said for fruits and yogurt.

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