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Metabolism to Be Blamed for Low Weight

Even though being overweight is a serious problem nowadays, since there is an ever-growing number of obese children and teenagers, there are still those who are troubled by the very opposite situation. Girls who have such well functioning metabolisms, burn all of their calories so it is virtually impossible for them to gain even one extra pound. Taking into considerations the sensitive state all teenage girls are in, being all bones and skin is not a thing to be after, just the same as having excessive body weight is. This is why something needs to be done in order to enable the teenage girls gain those valuable extra pounds and make them stick to their skinny bodies. Before taking any steps alone, a girl should pay a nutritionist a visit.

Older Women May Be More Prone to Fast Weight Gain then Girls

Obesity is one of the main problems concerning the health of an individual since it makes the base for the occurrence of many serious medical conditions. It is estimated that in many countries more than a half of their population are obese people. In women, considerable weight gain is only normal in pregnancy. Furthermore, it is even possible that some women gain weight periodically with menstruation. However, sudden weight gain is a condition that should not be ignored and it can be induced by several different reasons. In most cases, a woman gains body weight when she takes in more calories than her body can use. These unnecessary calories make a fat storage and the woman gains weight. This occurrence is even greater when the woman is constantly overeating with unhealthy foods high in fats and when she is not physically active. This is why it is essential to eat a balanced diet which is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. Foods rich in fats need to be avoided as much as possible. Sudden weight gain in women may also be induced by smoking, as well as by eating junk foods. The hormones of the thyroid gland are responsible for regulation of the metabolism of the body cells. If a woman suffers from insufficiency of these hormones she commonly experiences considerable slowing of the metabolism and a sudden weight gain. When a woman suffers from hypothyroidism, she usually loses appetite but on the other side, she gains weight since the protein deposits bring about the water retention and build-up of fat. Cushing’s syndrome may also be responsible for sudden weight gain in women in some cases. It occurs when the adrenal glands secrete the hormone called cortisol more than it is necessary. This medical condition is characterized by slender extremities, while the fat gets accumulated in the abdomen, the upper back and the face. A large number of women tend to eat whenever they are nervous or under stress and when they are depressed. It is safe to say that, emotional factors are also causative factors for the incidence of sudden weight gain in women. The sudden increase in the weight of the body in many women may also happen due to the use of certain medicines like hormonal drugs, contraceptive pills antidepressants, steroids and corticosteroids.

Tips and Tricks for Skinny Girls

Before starting any diet changes which will enable a girl to gain weight easily, she needs to understand that there are two types of this process. A girl may gain fat and she may gain muscles. Muscle mass is much healthier than fat mass and that is why it is also more recommended. One needs to intake more calories than the hyperactive metabolism may burn. The diet should not involve necessary consumption of fast or junk food and it should concentrate much more on numerous different types of fruit and vegetables as well as different types of pasta which may easily give rise to the calories in the body. These will be preserved as energy supplies and be used whenever the organism needs them. Chicken presents an excellent addition to the diet as well. It is highly recommended to have at least five smaller meals during the day, with at least two snacks. A girl may also want to grab a bite before going to bed. As explained earlier, a girl needs muscles more than fat, so she needs to exercise on a regular daily basis. Physical activity converts the energy into muscle mass and it also increases the weight, which all leads to a healthy, good looking and strong body. One should not drink anything which may block the food cravings and those are usually coffee and carbonated drinks. These should be avoided and exchanged for extra nutrient protein mixes which will help in gaining healthy weight. The most important thing for a girl is to enjoy her weight gaining experience and always consult a professional before making any radical changes regarding the lifestyle and nutrition.

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