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Gas is a common problem which affects the digestive tractand it is commonly caused by ingesting certain food items. Numerous differenttypes of food items can be associated with gas. The best way to prevent gasfrom forming is to avoid those types of food items as much as possible. Thesame food items are also commonly affiliated with abdominal bloating. Abdominalgas can be characterized by uneasiness, irritation and painful sensations inthe stomach which often lead to burping. Indigestion and gas can be controlledvery efficiently by reducing the intake of the problematic food items.

Food Items

There are certain types of vegetables which can often beaffiliated with the occurrence of gastric problems such as indigestion, gas andbloating. Those vegetables are sometimes referred to as raffinos and theycommonly include Brussels sprouts, beans and broccoli. There are also caseswhere abdominal bloating and gas get triggered by some of the wheat productssuch as cakes, cookies and bread. Those who are allergic to raffinos and thosewho suffer from gastric problems after consuming wheat products should removesuch food items from their daily diets. Starchy foods such as rice and potatoescan often be the main causes of the unpleasant gaseous symptoms.

Certain types of fruit may also be held responsible for theoccurrence of gas and bloating. Those types of fruits are usually very rich insorbitol and they commonly include pears, prunes and apples. Several types ofcereals may also sometimes be involved in the occurrence of abdominal bloating,painful sensations and gas in the stomach. There are certain relief medicinesbut they should be avoided because they only provide a temporary kind of relieffrom the whole embarrassing situation. There are people who suffer from theaforementioned digestion problems after consuming milk, cheese, yogurt andother sorts of dairy products because they are rich in lactose. Lactose is anatural sugar and it can sometimes be the trigger for numerous gastrointestinalproblems. Coffee and all other caffeinated drinks may also be risky. Easily digestible foods which are rich infiber should be of great help. Those fibers should be insoluble, becauseingesting plenty of foods which contain soluble forms of fiber can easily leadto gas and other gastrointestinal problems. The list of food items which may beaffiliated with gas may or may not include apples, whole wheat, artichokes,soft drinks, asparagus, prunes, beans, potatoes, broccoli, pears, Brusselsprouts, peaches, cabbage, pasta, cheese, onion, corn, dairy products, milk,fruit drinks and ice cream.

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