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Creating a muscled body is not simple, but if some basicrules are followed, results will come after a while. Once the wanted body shapeis reached, it is not hard maintaining that state. It is said that only three,maybe even two intensive training sessions a week are enough for keeping themuscles hard.

Getting six pack

What has to be done to get those six pack abs? Exercises andspecial eating regime are required, which means that only doing thousands andthousands of crunches will not be enough. Muscles will become bigger and harder, but six packs are not really six packs unless everyone can see them. And forthat to happen, all fat tissue that covers the abdominal area has to beeliminated, for which a diet is also needed.

For eliminating fat, besides crouches, other exercises haveto be done too, not in order to make the muscles hard, but to increase the rate of basalmetabolism and to further enhance the fat burning process. Perhaps one of themost useful exercise is running, since, it involves almost all muscles and theintensity can be changed to complement the physical condition of the runner.

Eating for six pack

As already said, just exercising will get you to a certainlevel, but in order to go further; eating habits have to be healthy and proper.What to eat to get six pack? There are some basic rules that need to be followed; for example, the diet should not be strict and rigorous, fat must not be eliminatedfrom the menu, but taken in healthier form, from olive oil, fish, somefruit etc. Dairy products are also essential, but low fat products should beused. Water should be used all the time. Something that can be readalmost everywhere is that water is one of the best supplements and food types. Itcleanses the organism and quenches hunger and thirst. Junk food should beeliminated from the menu completely (soda juices are among the first thatshould go). The amount of vegetables should be increased, not because they havea low calorie value, but because they have a lot of vitamins and minerals,which is very important for people who are in a training process. Combining eating and exercising is the best possible way foreliminating the fat from stomach and creating really strong and beautifulmuscles. The time needed for this varies from person to person, but first resultshould be visible after only a few weeks, sometimes even sooner.

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