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If you want to jump higher, you will need to build up muscles of your legs. There are many easy exercises that can make you jump higher, and you can do them at home.

Calf Exercises

If in the gym, start exercising calves by doing toe raises and calf raises. Start with the 5 or 100 raises a day and try to reach 400 raises. It is essential that your heel doesn’t reach the ground. If at home, try walking on fingertips around the home for a few minutes. Do this exercise several times during the day. You can also jump up and down on one spot as long as you can. You can also jump the rope, but the best method is going for a run.

Thigh Exercises

Squats are a great exercise for your tights, as well as running. Start with 50 squats daily, and then slowly increase the number of squats until you reach the desired level.

Plyometric Exercises

To perform this exercise, stand with your feet at a shoulder width apart. Your arms should be placed ahead and parallel with each other, palms facing down. From this position, start jumping as high as you can. This will increase your standing jump. If you want to increase your running jump, do that outdoors, while running. It is essential that both of your feet are on the ground.

Abdominal Exercises

Performing leg raises and crunches will straighten your lower and upper abs. Abdominal muscles are extremely important for performing high jumps. This is why you need to straighten your lower and upper abs.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Running, swimming, rowing and cycling are exercises that improve your overall stamina and strength. These exercises will also help you with weight loss, if you have a weight problem.

Weight Training

It is essential to build up your overall muscle mass as an addition to building up your “jump muscles”. Combine these exercises with a balanced nourishment, and you will see the results within weeks. Furthermore, you need to take a break and rest for a day or two during the week. This is a period when muscles actually start to grow.

To summarize, if you want to jump higher you will need to work hard. It is important to be disciplined, and to exercise regularly. Most of these exercises are for leg muscles. However, you also need to improve your overall strength, and to adjust your diet so you can benefit the most from your muscle building exercises.

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