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Crunches for Excellent Abs

Many people are dissatisfied with their bodies and desire either significant, radical changes, or some minor “adjustments”. Whichever the case might be, it is usually connected with excessive body weight one might have. Then, in order to get rid of the extra pounds people either rely on questionable diets and chemicals or start working out. Physical exercise is, in fact, the best way of getting out of the problem of extra weight. All one needs is a bit of will power, creativity and persistence. Of course, these are nothing without the right exercises. Crunches are one of the best solutions for your abs. By doing crunches regularly and correctly, you can easily tone your abdominal sets of muscles in no time, losing weight and getting more and more fit. Earlier, people have indulged into sit ups more, considering them better. However, sit ups put a great pressure on your back, possibly resulting in injuries while crunches provide you a very similar activity, without the pain and discomfort.

How To Perform Crunches Properly

A good thing about crunches is that your body is your main tool, and, thereby, you can perform this exercise literally anywhere. All you need is a softer surface to lie down on. After lying down on your back, you are to bend your legs at the knees, keeping your feet flat on the ground. Later on, when you become more experienced at crunches, you can keep your legs straight in the air.

Next, you need to mingle your fingers of your hands together and place them behind your neck. This way you will support your neck and protect it from the hard surface, and, at the same time ensure your hands do not play a part in yourexercising.

Then, with your arms remaining in the same position, try to lift your shoulders in the direction of the ceiling. Naturally, you will have to curl your back a little but you are not supposed to move towards your knees.

Once you reach the desired, upper, position, you are to exhale, and, as you descend slowly and carefully into the initial position, making sure your abdominal muscles are stressed, you are to inhale the breath you need for the next lift.

Alternatively, you may consider implementing an exercise ball in your crunch routine. Place it behind your back and do the crunches by keeping the same position as the above mentioned, lifting your torso off the ball once your upper movement reaches its peak.

All in all, make sure you warm up and stretch before each set of crunches. Also, you may want to add some kind of a cardio training to your workup schedule, maximizing your results.

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