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Abdominal fat is usually very hard to get rid of. Even the slender people tend to have some excessive fat around the waistline. Abdominal, or visceral, fat is of particular concern because it is often associated with a number of health problems. Visceral fat is located deep within the abdominal cavity, while subcutaneous fat lies just below the surface of the skin and affects our body figure.

Starting point in losing the abdominal fat and putting the weight under control is to engage in a regular moderate-intensity physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. To trigger all of the abdominal muscles, exercisers are advised to practice curl- ups, one of the most common abdominal exercises that primarily targets the rectus abdominis muscle. The rectus abdominis muscle is a double muscle that stretches vertically on each side of the frontal wall of the human abdomen. These are actually two muscles, aligned in a parallel position, separated by a band of connective tissue. This muscle is contained in a sheath that is typically crossed by three fibrous bands. This is why the perfect fitness plan usually results in the strong abdominal core muscles, also known as the “six-pack”.How to perform curl-ups

Curl-ups or crunches are performed from the basic position, which begins with lying face up on the floor with knees bent. Hands are typically positioned behind the head, and the exercise is performed by curling the shoulders towards the pelvis. One can do abdominal curl-ups as many times as he or she can. This is an anaerobic exercise designed to make the abdominal muscles stronger. The proper technique for curl-ups ensures maximum benefits from this exercise and prevents losing too much energy. The exerciser should breathe in on the decline and breathe out on the upward crunch. Stretch the abs between the sets is also helpful, especially for beginners.

There are many other alternatives to the classical curl-up. For example, exercisers can perform curl-ups on the exercise ball, or even with some additional weight. Typically, exercisers use dumbbells held under the chin to increase the pressure on the abdominal muscles. Exercisers can also do the curl-ups with their arms crossed, and hands placed on the chest. Bouncing off the floor is not permitted, and only the abdominal muscles should work. To ensure the right muscles are targeted, exercisers should always stick to the proper technique. Failing to do equals risking an injury.

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