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Lower Back Pain

Many people have experienced lower backpain at some points of their lives. Namely, numerous factorsinfluence the appearance of this type of pain. Most of them areconnected to lifestyles. Back pain can be triggered by sitting toomuch in the same position, while working or in any other situations.Moreover, women may experience pain in their backs due to excessivewalking in high heels. Sometimes, however, due to wear and tear, theligaments in our lower back area may get damaged, resulting in pain,movement constriction, and discomfort.

Back muscles and ligaments mayalso play an important role in this painful condition. Therefore, onemust know how to prevent this pain from ever happening, or how torelieve him or herself of it, once it occurs.

How to Treat Lower Back Pain?

One of the best ways of relievingyourself from back pain involves lying down on a flat surface withyour back on the floor. After assuming this position, one is to liftup his or her legs onto a chair or a similar object, allowing him orher to bend his or her legs at the knees. This will relieve your backof tension provoked by your legs and thus provide it rest.

Secondly, massages, ice or heat packsare all good for this purpose. All one has to do is place a heat packunder his or her back while lying down, or apply an ice pack while in thesame position. Alternatively, you may ask someone to give you arelieving massage, causing your blood to circulate down your lowerback area, possibly removing the pain.

As far as everyday situations areconcerned, make sure you wear comfortable footwear at all times.Additionally, whenever you are trying to lift something up, it isbest to do it while performing squats or bending your knees. Try notto bend your entire torso so as not to injure your back. Also, it isalways better to push something than to pull it. Therefore, use thefirst method of movement rather than the latter one.

Exercises Good for One's Lower Back

First of all, while lying down on yourback, try to bend your knees as close to your chest as possible. Holdthem in this position using your hands for about a minute. Secondly,perform the same exercise, but with keeping your feet on the floor,grabbing onto them, and trying to lift your hips up, holding it thatway for about half a minute. Alternatively, from the same position,you may try to rotate your knees side-wise while keeping your back onthe floor, holding the rotated positions for about a minute. Finally,you might perform a motion close to the one while doing push-ups,making sure your hips and legs remain on the floor holding your armsstraight and your body lifted for about 10 seconds. All these mayresult in pain removal and relief.

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