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Push-ups are considered to be universal exercises allowing your body do develop completely, without focusing on a single muscle but, rather, on groups of different muscles. Mainly, push-ups focus on developing one's pectoral and triceps muscles, even though the exercise involves many other muscles as well.

Benefits and Techniques behind Push-Ups

Push-ups are easily performed, when you possess the necessary strength. Basically, you are to carry your weight with both of your hands flat on the floor and only your toes touching the surface, as far as your lower body portion is concerned. Then, you are to lower your body by bending the arms at the elbows, almost touching the floor with your chest. Once this is done you are to push yourself away from the floor, lifting your body up into the initial position.

Push-ups are great exercise for our chest, abs, triceps, shoulders and torso muscles. Moreover, it does not have any special requirements and can be performed wherever, whenever, allowing you high-quality workouts without the necessity of having expensive equipment mounted.

The Technique behind Push-Ups

All you need in order to perform push-ups are your two arms and feet. However, in order to improve your workout and make it optimal, you can wear comfortable clothes and place a mat below your body. Also, do not forget to perform the set of warm up exercises before you start doing your push-ups.

When everything is done and you are completely ready, lie with your chest down on the mat, while keeping your hands at your shoulder width, hands flat on the mat. You may also distance your hands a bit more from the shoulder width, making it easier for you to perform push-ups. Lock your knees and keep your feet together or a bit apart.

Position of other body parts

As for your head, it should be placed in a position which allows your chin to touch the floor. Just before you begin your workout, contract your abdominal muscles, finishing the preparations. Straighten your arms and separate your body from the mat, keeping your hands and feet in the same position. Do not bend your body. Rather, keep it straight and tight. Inhale while in the initial, lowered position and exhale once you perform your push-up, taking a brief pause once your body is lifted up. Then, return to the initial position making sure that your knees are not touching the ground. Again, after a short pause, repeat the lifting procedure.

The speed of push-ups

The speed of your push-ups and the consistence of them, both will come in time, once your body is strong enough. If you have troubles keeping your feet together, you may cross them or lean them against a wall. Once you get more experienced, you can incorporate clapping between the push-ups, performing the exercise with stability balls and incorporating many other innovations into the routine.

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