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Proper balance of acids and alkalis in the blood is very important. The usual ratio of alkalis to acids in the blood is 80:20. All the different organs and systems in the body need to function properly and they need to be kept free of all the toxic substances. Proper balance of acids and alkalis in the blood helps a lot with the aforementioned tasks. It is an interesting fact that the human body itself always does its best to maintain the ratio at all times.

Acids vs. Alkalis

There are certain food items which are known for leaving alkaline residues in the body once they undergo the full circle of different types of digestive and metabolic processes. Some other food items are completely different as they tend to leave acidic residues after all the aforementioned processes are over. This is why all different food items may be divided into alkali-genic and acid-genic food items. All different types of acids such as lactic acid and uric acid react with the alkalis which are already present in the bile, lymph, blood and other organs in the human body so they become neutralized rather easily.

If a person ingests excessive amounts of acid-genic food items, his or her body may be unable to cope with so much acids. If acids get accumulated in the blood, numerous health problems may occur. The problems may include coryza, hyperacidity, nervous tension, headache, insomnia, anorexia and fatigue. Acidic blood is considered as a completely abnormal medical condition and as such it may have a negative influence on the development of children and teenagers. It is also known for diminishing vitality, causing degeneration in adults and triggering various different types of difficulties in pregnancy and lactation. Acidic blood may also be associated with the occurrence of different types of cancer, appendicitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia and measles.

It is very important to ingest plenty of alkali-genic food items because all the toxic substances which get accumulated in the body are actually in the form of acids. Highly acid-genic food items include fish, eggs and meat. Rice, whole wheat flour and various cereals are mildly acid-genic, but when they are refined or processed they become much more acidic. Alkali-genic types of food include all different types of fruits, roots, tubers and vegetables, especially the green leafy ones. Balancing a healthy amount of different types of food items usually provides the person with a normal ratio of acids and alkalis in the blood.

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