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Information on Fish Oil

Fish oil is very popular because it provides the human bodywith numerous health benefits. Numerous studies have been conducted, and theyhave all shown that the aforementioned fact is completely true. Fish oilprevents numerous diseases, prolongs the life span, slows down the agingprocess and increases the vitality. Some people may remember having negativeexperiences from their childhoods when they were forced to take cod liver oil.One may reap the benefits of fish oil simply by eating various types of fishsuch as mackerel, sardines or salmon. Modern pharmacology utilizes differentprocesses to concentrate, deodorize and purify fish oil and packs it ineffective, prescribed dosages. Fish oil is completely safe for consumption, itmay sometimes be affiliated with certain types of side effects, but those occurin really rare cases. Purified fish oil does not contain any harmful toxics orpollutants. Fish that live in the wild usually show signs of various toxicchemicals in their tissues, but these are not present in the pharmaceuticalgrade of fish oil. Fish oil is a very important source of omega 3 essentialfatty acids which unsaturated and very important for one’s overall health,while the saturated omega 6 essential fatty acids are quite the opposite.

Why is fish oil so good for us?

Most health benefits of fish oil are derived from the factthat it is jam packed with docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. As amatter of fact, they are very important as they keep the mankind alive! Mostcancers and debilitating diseases come from the consumption of large amounts ofprocessed foods which contain large amounts of trans-fatty acids and saturatedomega 6 fatty acids.

The differences and benefits Between Omega 3 & 6

The main differences between the two omega groups can easilybe observed once they get metabolized inside the human body. Omega 6 fattyacids are known for causing the clotting of the blood, growth of tumors and theoccurrence of various different inflammatory conditions, while omega 3 fattyacids do the exact opposite. The ratio of these two groups should be equal, butin most cases it is 20 parts of omega 6 fatty acids and 1 part omega 3 fattyacids. This imbalance may be the main cause of numerous severe medicalconditions and ailments. Fish oil increases the memory function, reduces therisk of various severe medical conditions and boosts the immune system.

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