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Information on Trapped Wind

When the intestinal gas becomes trapped, it may lead to excessive flatulence and abdominal pain which makes it a rather uncomfortable medical condition.

It can be caused by numerous different factors. The most common cause of a trapped wind is the swallowed air which gets to the intestines while a person eats or drinks.

Undigested food may release significant amounts of gas during the process of fermentation because it gets exposed to the bacteria that reside in the gut. Bowel gas may be accumulated when the acid and alkali foods react in the intestines.

Rare cases include the release of gas from the bloodstream as well. Trapped gas in the intestines can also be the result of certain types of mental or psychological disturbances. Bowel obstructions can also lead to trapped wind in the intestines. Trapped wind can also be an indication of some other underlying medical condition such as lactose intolerance, celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Common Causes

Among the most common causes of trapped wind and certain types of food which are known for causing trapped wind and similar intestinal problems. If a person eats too fast it may also cause trapped wind in the intestines.

These certain types of food that cause trapped wind should not be excluded from the daily diet. They usually include beans, certain species of dried fruits, peas, cauliflower, onions, cabbage and nuts.

The common ingredients for all the aforementioned types of food include proteins and cellulose. They also may contain certain ingredients which are not that easy to digest, so that means that gut bacteria need to help in the process of digestion which leads to an increased production of gas in the intestines. Irregular diet can also lead to trapped wind and abdominal bloating as well. Certain types of drinks such as fizzy and carbonated drinks contain significant amounts of gas.

They can be one of the most notorious causes of trapped wind. The same can be said for all different types of drinks which have a very high content of sugar, and they also may cause abdominal bloating.

One of the most common causes of trapped wind is air swallowing. It can occur when a person drinks or eats faster than normal. Constipation which lasts for prolonged periods of time may create an environment which can be very conducive for the winds to be produced in the intestines. Tight clothes may sometimes put too much pressure on the intestines and cause the wind to become trapped in the guts.

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