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It is still not completely understood what causes theoccurrence of acne, but it is pretty much safe to say that essential fattyacids have a strong effect on how things work inside the human body, especiallywhen it comes to skin and numerous skin related medical conditions. Certainscientists believe that the numerous health benefits which are normallyattributed to the essential fatty acids can also be of great help for all thosewho suffer from acne. Various scientific studies have shown that variousnutritional issues may be the cause of acne or that they may at least aggravatethe existing acne problems. Hard proteins and hard fats are known for cloggingthe channels and the pores of the skin and they are very efficient in providinga bacteria friendly environment which leads to the occurrence of infections andacne. Some scientists believe that acne is a direct result of a processreferred to as fatty degeneration. The main contributing factors in such theoryare the ingestion of too many hard fats, insufficient ingestion of essentialfatty acids and the instance of fats not associating with proteins the way theyshould be. Hard fats are actually saturated types of fatty acids and they canbe found in most food items. The name suggests that the molecules of thissubstance carry as much hydrogen molecules as they can. Excessive amounts of saturated fatty acidsare commonly associated with numerous medical problems related to the heart andthe arteries. Saturated fatty acids can be found in the skin and they tend tostick together and they are very hard to get rid of. The human body may convertit into unsaturated fatty acids, which is another important problem.

Relation to acne

Saturated fatty acids may reduce the supply of oxygen to allthe different tissues in the body. Excessive amounts of all fats get stored inthe fat storage centers. It is strongly recommended to consume linoleic andalpha linolenic acid in a correct ratio. Essential fatty acids arecharacterized by a negative molecular charge and free receptors for hydrogenbonds. These are the main reasons why molecules of essential fatty acids do nottend to be clumped together. Deficiencyin essential fatty acids is connected with inflammatory conditions which arealways associated with acne. Essential fatty acids are therefore very potentwhen it comes to relieving and reducing various different types of inflammatoryconditions.

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